Stephen Hawking 1942 – 2018

Stephen Hawking
1942 – 2018

Toronto. He wasn’t known as a photographer but as an author and physicist. Stephen Hawking contracted ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) while doing his doctorate at Cambridge. It was diagnosed when he was only 21 but progressed so slowly that he was able to continue work as a cosmologist.

He once joked that his was an ideal occupation for the disease since one only had to sit and think about the universe. In the late 1980s, my daughters bought me one of his books intended for the general reading public A Brief History of Time. His death on Wednesday,  March 14, 2018 was noted by publications around the world including the science journal, Nature. The Globe and Mail carried this column from the New York Times news service datelined London.

If you are  a fan of The Big Bang Theory on TV, you may have seen him there. He was of particular interest to me as I have a (rather ancient now) degree in Mathematics and Physics – and my father-in-law died from ALS when he was barely 65 years old.

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