Oscar Munoz – Hasselblad award winner 2018

Oscar Munoz winner
2018 Hasselblad Award

Toronto. Our membership secretary, Wayne Gilbert, dropped me a note the other day that announced this year’s winner of the Hasselbald award, photographer Oscar Munoz courtesy of the Mynewsdesk site.

After the second war, the Hasselblad camera became famous as a 2-1/4 square professional SLR with Zeiss lenses. It was the camera that a Leica owner might consider as an upgrade. A year after Victor Hasselblad died in 1978, Hasselblad established a foundation in the name of him and his wife.

“After Victor Hasselblad’s death in 1978, Erna and Victor Hasselblad’s Foundation was founded in 1979 in accordance with the couple’s last will and testament. The Foundation aims to promote research and academic teaching in the natural sciences and photography. This is achieved by awarding grants and stipends to the natural sciences and photography, a prestigious international photography award and stipends and grants to research projects in photography.”


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