Kodak pushes its folders in 1948

Kodak Folder ad in LIFE
for the Vigilant camera

Toronto. As a kid I can remember my father’s Kodak folder. It was a step up from the Kodak box camera he took west with him in the 1920s. If you wanted a better (higher resolution, faster speed, more flexible) camera, you chose a 35mm or a professional instrument like those in the Graflex line.

And of course you could upgrade your Kodak!  In an 1948 ad taken out in the April 19th issue of LIFE magazine, Kodak proudly promoted its Vigilant folder as ideal for family pictures – both black and white and colour. The ad shows a middle of the road f/6.3 lens with both faster and slow lenses offered too. And you could even buy a flash gun to use for fill-in flash in bright daylight or to get indoor and low light level shots!

Thanks once again to my friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, for sourcing this memorable ad  from a bygone era.

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