who needs Photoshop?

LIFE Jan 5, 1948
showing editorial
licence taken
by some newspapers.

Toronto. George Dunbar has been very busy recently. He sent me this interesting news story recently. Here you can see how  various newspapers interpreted a sighting of a comet back in late 1947 in Australia. Just click on the icon at left to see LIFE’s Miscellany column.

A retoucher at each paper added different numbers of tails to the comet! For solid scientific reasons, comets have two tails. The original article was published by LIFE magazine in its January 5, 1948 issue.

A few decades ago (about four) I had the occasion to do some darkroom manipulation too. A friend of mine had no photographs of her parents together. She brought me two prints with similar shadows and after a short discussion, I rephotographed the prints and carefully merged the two people in the darkroom to create the  couple in a single print. Darkroom magic.

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