those were the days

Revere 8mm Movie camera
from 1947 LIFE ad

Toronto. Think about times past. Home movies. 8mm movie film. My father-in-law took home movies with a Brownie movie camera, not the competitor Revere cameras. Revere too used 8mm film sold in a 16mm configuration. You loaded the roll in daylight (in the shade) and after your roll was shot on the one side, you could take the roll out of the camera, flip it over and reinsert it to continue shooting.

During processing the roll would be slit along the centre and one side rotated and spliced to make a single long 8mm strip on a reel ready for editing or projection as is. Jack said on one trip out west he used the first side of a roll and took the reel out to flip over when it slipped from his fingers and merrily rolled down the steep hill. One less reel to commemorate the trip!.

My thanks to George Dunbar who recently sent me this 1947 LIFE ad for Revere film gear. I can still feel the heavy cast body of a Revere camera after all these years. The camera with a single lens like that in the icon above once graced our Auction poster many years ago. I did the original poster shooting items from my collection and merging them in Photoshop.

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