Photrio site in Toronto

Photrio Web Site

Toronto. Need help? Have a look at the Photrio forum web site.

According to the “About” note on the Photrio Symposium site, “PHOTRIO.COM is a community that has recently combined three existing photography websites: APUG.ORG (Analog Photography Users Group), and DPUG.ORG (Digital Photography Users Group).

“APUG.ORG launched in 2002 and became the foundation of what would ultimately evolve into Photrio. The community grew from an ‘Analog only’ userbase to Hybrid (analog and digital) and now pure Digital as well. This diverse group of passionate photographers has reached 85,000 registered members and growing by the hour.

“Collaborating with Alternative Photo Services, Photrio will present a three day symposium in May 2018. This will be an international event bringing together the Photrio members and the community gathered by Alternative Photo Services and their Connections initiative.”

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