collecting orphan Polaroids

Orphan Polaroid
from Washington Post article

Toronto. This past Monday, I received an interesting email from George Dunbar. The topic was orphan Polaroids. George passed on this link to an article in the Washington Post (motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness”). The article, written by Dee Swann on Monday, covers a Canadian,¬†Kyler Zeleny,who has collected over 6,000 orphan Polaroids so far. The article covers Zeleney and his intention to encourage others to write a story inspired by each photo. Some of his orphans have no story, others have more than one.

George writes, “Kyler Zeleny, a Canadian photographer-researcher, has collected lost Polaroid photographs.¬†His web site is:

“Kyler Currently lives in Toronto, where he is a doctoral candidate in the joint post-graduate Communication and Culture program at Ryerson and York University. “

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