the story of a camera

Sean Flynn’s Leica M2 with
an f/1.4 35mm Summilux

Toronto. One of the blogs I follow is called Daring Fireball. The author, John Gruber, generally reports on Apple and its products (I write this site on an i7, 27″ iMac). Occasionally, he quotes an article about a none Apple topic. Tuesday was such as case when he linked to Japan Camera Hunter, a pseudonym ¬†for Bellamy Hunt of Tokyo, and the story about Sean Flynn’s Leica M2.

You may not have heard about Sean before, but he was the only son of Errol Flynn and Lili Damita. Unlike his famous movie star parents, Sean became a photojournalist covering the Vietnam war for Time magazine (he tried movies for a while). This story traces his camera and how it re-joined its camera case and became a collectible in spite of its serious world-weary brassing. The M2 proudly supports an f/1.4 35mm Summilux designed by Dr Walter Mandler and made in Midland, Ontario. Have a read.

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