an eagle eye for your camera …

Zeiss Catalogue Ph333e pamphlet
reprinted by Seaboard Printing Ltd
in Bedford Nova Scotia

Toronto. It was July, 1936, when Zeiss Jena produced its Zeiss Objectives catalogue, Ph 333e. In this catalogue, Zeiss lenses were tagged as “The Eagle Eye of your Camera“.  Unlike Leitz, who used the lens name to indicate a lens’s widest aperture, Zeiss used the name to describe the lens design used. So for example, Tessars came in various mounts, speeds, and focal lengths but always with the same internal design.

In this era of orthochromatic black & white films, Zeiss, like many firms, offered a series of coloured glass filters. And of course they were well known for their line of microscopes, eye pieces and objectives.

Zeiss products were sold world wide in Zeiss stores or at various non-Zeiss stores licensed to import their optical instruments.  In Canada, Zeiss products were imported and sold by the chain of Hughes-Owens stores based in Montreal. The chain had stores in Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City, and Winnipeg.

I bought the reprint from Zeiss collector John Alldredge. in April, 1991 at one of our photographica-fairs.  John was a frequent exhibitor over the years and a member of the PHSC and its executive at the time (handling PHSC promotions).

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