an early Walcott Daguerreotype?

Early Walcott Image?

Toronto. Photographic Canadiana editor Bob Lansdale prefers to collect old images rather than photographic hardware.

Last Wednesday our January executive meeting was hosted at his home. Pre meeting we enjoyed seeing a few of the interesting images Bob has collected over the years, especially from his trips to nearby localities not usually associated with photographica.

Bob writes, “Here is some description of the “pinchbeck case” patented by Wharton that would match the daguerreotype that I was showing last night…. and could not get open to show you the inner sardine-can-like unit that enclosed the dag itself.

“When I did have it open years ago there was the name COX engraved/scratched in script into the copper backing of the dag image. The case has Queen Victoria’s coat-of-arms impressed into the back of the case.

“I believe from the size of the image plate that it might have been done in a Walcott camera where a concave mirror was used to secure the image rather than a lens.”

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