PHSC News – December 2017

c1900 Field Camera featuring
a Goerz lens and a
Thornton-Pickard shutter

Toronto. Our latest pdf newsletter is out. Read and download this delightful issue filled with the wit and wisdom of our members by clicking on the icon at left.

Editor Sonja Pushchak has pulled together a fabulous read for this chilly month at year’s end. We feature a Wishful List on page 1; A story on our December meeting; An article on the work of Abelardo Morell; Image Finds (at the PHSC Auction and Image Show); and The Ick of Tech (using AI to snap a photo at just the right time).

These pages are followed by Scrooge-osophy (a review of the film Brazil); Equipment Review (Honeywell Strobonar 202  from the 1960s) and many more items of interest to collectors of cameras, images or photography books.

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