Halifax Explosion Dec 6 1917

100th Anniversary of Halifax Explosion

Toronto. Just after 9 am in the morning, 100 years ago, Halifax was rocked with a massive explosion that killed almost 2,000 residents – mostly children and youths – and severely injured some 9,000 more.

A French munitions ship from NYC was docking at Halifax before heading across to France and the Great War. As the ship came down the narrows to the docks, the outbound Norwegian vessel, Imo, was heading for NYC to load clothing and food for Belgium. The unloaded Imo accidentally  rammed the Mont-Blanc setting fire to the chemicals on the deck. Minutes later the cargo in the holds went off.

The explosion was seen, heard, and felt many miles away. During rescue efforts the next day, Halifax and Nova Scotia were subjected to a blinding snowstorm. ¬†Go to CTV’s W5 to see reporting of this event.

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