snap-shots for the common man

Me and my pooch
Allandale Station in background

Toronto. in the 1900s photography took off. Almost everyone could afford a Kodak and shoot family photographs. My dad took this snap c1940 with his trusty Kodak Jr Brownie Six-20 folder.

Like millions of families world-wide, my father photographed every day life so we would have a record years later. These family oriented snap-shots demanded the use of Kodak roll film and a Kodak camera – folder or box. While some alternative cameras and films existed, the vast majority of families used Kodak products. We are all familiar with that old bromide, A Kodak moment…   

See if you can find an old shoe-box of black and white prints showing special family events and relatives over a half century ago. And for more on the topic, join us in December when Dr Jennifer Orpana of the ROM will speak on Family Photo Archives!

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