A book to remember

The Birth of Photography (1800-1900) by Brian Coe 1976

Toronto. In A Night to Remember, author Walter Lord wrote a thrilling story about the sinking of the Titanic back in  April 1912. In 1976, the late Brian Coe then Curator of the Kodak Museum in England. wrote this book. It was just one of many books on the history of photography that he wrote.

I used my personal copy as a reference for a series of presentations I gave for the PHSC in the 1980s and 90s. Don Douglas was my partner in crime, using his collection of Ansco cameras to demonstrate the progress in cameras while I covered the evolution of photographic processes. ¬†Coe’s book was ideal for me. He covered each milestone in photographic history, devoting a few pages to each event to describe its significance.

If you come across a copy of this inexpensive book today, buy it and read the exciting stories of the people and challenges facing our favourite pastime as it evolved from concept to the age of black and white roll film. A book to remember indeed!

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