Apres le deluge

Before the Show

Toronto. We held a most successful estate auction yesterday (Sunday). I helped Clint by partially photographing and adding lot numbers to one estate and posting a slideshow of many lots and a sub list of others.

Kudos to Clint for sourcing lots and auctioneering Sunday’s event. As overall co-ordinator and organizer, John Kantymir once again showed his knowledge and organizing skills. Mark Singer brought extra lighting, mounted back drops and videoed the lots displaying them on screen for all bidders to see. Ed Warner held each lot up for a video shot as bidding was underway for the item.

The team at the door recorded all bidders and saw that lots were paid before the bidders exited for the day. The onstage team and runners operated like a well oiled machine taking lots to winning bidders, keeping the cash team in the loop, and recording winning bids for the record.

The image above shows the auction set up hours before the arrival of the bidders and other attendees. Shortly after the auction began, there was standing room only and the show was on its way. Almost all parking spaces were filled including the GO station lot which was used for the overflow.

I stayed to the end and helped briefly with the cash while the regular cashier (Ashley) helped the runners. We had a great time and raised funds for the estates and for the PHSC.

Be sure to join us again at the Image Show this coming Sunday and the December meeting on December 20th. And remember, we will be holding auctions and fairs next year (2018) as well.

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