Taylor Wessing photographic portrait prize review

Texas teen portrait – The Guardian – UK

Toronto. George Dunbar wrote me Tuesday regarding the Taylor Wessing Prize in the Guardian, writing, “This report on the “Taylor Wessing Portrait Prizes” certainly captures one’s attention.” George was writing not about the winner, but one of the other contestant photos of a Texas teen.

The Guardian offers this introduction to the portrait of the young Texan and his massive automatic weapons, “Amid all this quiet engagement with mood and atmosphere, the inevitable images of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and an effortlessly self-satisfied David Cameron adjusting his tie in a mirror, are a jolting reminder of another more vulgar reality.

“Laurent Elie Badessi‚Äôs straightforward black and white portrait of a 16-year-old Texan youth, George, grinning widely as he holds up two automatic weapons more suited to armed combat than hunting, is shocking only in its brazenness. It is as American in its warped way as the proverbial apple pie.”

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