PHSC News for November 2017

PHSC News November 2017
(vol 17-05 )

Toronto. Editor Sonja Pushchak has delivered another sumptuous edition of our favourite newsletter.

The 12 page extravaganza opens with a review of the 2014 book Homegrown by Julia Blackmon (titled Snow Jobbery). Page two covers a couple of rare Leicas we will auction this month – a Midland assembled IIIg from the first year of the model’s short life, and a rare 1937 model II in black enamel trim.

Both auction and image show posters are presented (both shows scheduled for this month). Regular writer for the newsletter, John Morden, discusses the tiny Gem Tintypes. The second edition of Making Kodak Film and its presentation to the PHSC this month by Robert Shanebrook  is covered followed by an Equipment Review of a beater camera for use in poor weather like we had/are about to have.

These pages are followed by the usual bunch of one page columns by our regular writers, ending as usual with the ever popular The Classifieds. All in all 12 pages of inspiration and enlightenment!

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