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16×20 and all that stuff

Toronto. When was the last time you made a big print? Never is the most likely answer when everything today is digital – unless you are an old coot like me. Around 1985, I decided to decorate my office with … Continue reading

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it ain’t over yet!

Toronto. About 40 years ago I wondered why the old process lingered on long after a new process was available. Now I know. Serious folk invested in the older process so they changed slowly to the new. And the older … Continue reading

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PhotoEd Summer 2019

Toronto. Hey – its summer (finally). Check out Rita’s latest work here. She has both a print edition and a digital edition available (with differing content!). Mind the Cyanotype Kit – uses some nasty chemistry –  like potassium ferricyanide (a … Continue reading

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remember Kodachrome?

Toronto. It’s been a decade now since Kodak shut down the Kodachrome film line and nearly nine years since the last Kodachrome processing facility closed.  In its glory days, people used Kodachrome for their best work. It was contrasty, slow, … Continue reading

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Shooting War

Toronto. The Globe is hosting a number of conflict photographers and moderators today and tomorrow (June 21, 22). Last month we hosted Louie Palu, a conflict photographer and this month we hosted Erin Gregory who spoke on the Imperial Royal … Continue reading

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a kludge of clones

Toronto. In the late 1930s, a Chicago man embarked on a program to create inexpensive cameras and the Spartus Camera Corporation was born. One of the many cameras to emerge was a bakelite wonder that sold under a variety of … Continue reading

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an EXCELlent way to entertain before TV

Toronto. In the 1930s and 40s we had radio, but what could excite home entertainment like the movies? How about a movie projector and some inexpensive commercial films? Many companies made and promoted home movies. One firm was Excel in … Continue reading

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my my mamyia

Toronto. In its hey-day Mamiya made high end cameras – subminiature 16mm, 35mm, TLRs and medium format press cameras. At a recent PHSC auction the Mamiya Press Universal camera was in one lot. This version is a rangefinder model, with … Continue reading

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bulking it up

Toronto. In a recent auction, there was a memory of a by-gone era. One lot featured a couple of Watson 66 bulk film loaders. The one on the left of the large image appears to be a 1950s era loader … Continue reading

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PHSC June 2019 Presentation – Erin Gregory

NEXT MEETING: Wed June 19th, 2019 The Imperial Royal Flying Corps –Erin Gregory. Erin discusses the Corps’s experiences in Canada during 1917-8. Click the PHSC News page 2 icon attached at left for details. Come on out and share an … Continue reading

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