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Kodak Girl

Toronto. Thanks to George Dunbar for mentioning the Kodak Girl. I did another post on the same topic last February under the title Smart Advertising. The comic Peanuts by the late Charles Schulz uses Lucy to say it best while … Continue reading

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a flash of brilliance

Toronto. In the 1950s, amateur flash photos in colour were the big event of the decade. ¬†Pictures could be taken indoors and in colour! To differentiate basically generic products, the makers promoted minor improvements as the next big thing. Sylvania … Continue reading

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Stephen Wilkes – A Journey

Toronto. Fancy a trip to Paris, France this Christmas? Then visit our friends at GADCOLLECTION Galerie and view/buy the gorgeous photos exhibited there. Stephen Wilkes has his series called “A Journey” on exhibit from today, December 6th through next January … Continue reading

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food for thought

Toronto. During the US civil war, Mathew Brady became famous for his battle field wet plate photography. The process demanded that the plate be sensitized, exposed and processed while still wet or its sensitivity would disappear like the morning mist … Continue reading

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Graflex Journal 2018-3 18a is here

Toronto. Thanks to our editor Bob Lansdale for sending on Ken Metcalf’s latest newsletter on the wonderful Graphic and Graflex cameras – issue 2018-3 18a – Ken’s last opus for this year. The Graflex Journal usually has one or two … Continue reading

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speaking of pictures …

Toronto. Decades ago, LIFE magazine published photos and a brief description each issue in a column they called “Speaking of Pictures“. On pages 4 and 5 of its January 11, 1954 issue, Speaking of Pictures printed the shot shown at … Continue reading

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I spy with my little Minox

Toronto. Whenever I think of the Minox, I think of spy cameras of which it was the most widely known back in the second world war days (WW2). The camera’s inventor, Walter Zapp, came up with the 8×11 mm frame … Continue reading

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stereo on a shoestring

Toronto. In the early 1950s when the American camera industry was trying to retain the momentum it gained during the war, stereo gained its periodic rise in popularity once again. One company that used the rise in stereo was the … Continue reading

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