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Vancouver fall swap meet

Toronto. My friend Tonchi Martinic on the west coast sent me an email last Tuesday the 8th telling me that the fall Vancouver Swap Meet takes place on October 1st this year at the Croatian Cultural Centre on 16th Avenue … Continue reading

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Post War Pop Photo Ad for Leica IIIc

Toronto. In 1947, a couple of years after the war ended, Leitz was busy trying to recapture its charm and mystique in the miniature camera business. They promoted their IIIc model in the April 1947 issue of Popular Photography. My … Continue reading

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Speed indeed!

Toronto. Good friend George Dunbar sent me a photo and note regarding high speed shutters a few days ago on the 6th of August. For many years, top shutter speeds of 1/500 or 1/1000 were considered the best you could … Continue reading

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Innovation and computational zoom

Toronto.¬†My thanks to my good friend Russ Forfar for bringing PetaPixel’s report on computational zoom to my attention. First we could correct colour balance, exposure, and contrast in an image. A zoom lens lets us fill the frame with only … Continue reading

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21st century photographer

Toronto. The stand alone camera as we know it will soon disappear in the face of the ubiquitous smartphone (shown is an iPod Touch). Modern photographers shoot digital and view digital. The files may be downloaded to a computer and … Continue reading

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A drum you can’t beat

Toronto. Yesterday I mentioned some darkroom stuff being auctioned this November. One of the items is a dark plastic tube with odd end caps. In the 1970s, colour chemistry was both expensive and short lived. The amateur photographer of the … Continue reading

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…beginning to see the light

Toronto. It seems like just yesterday that I headed to my darkroom to develop my Leica negatives and make some prints using my hands to dodge and burn to improve the contrast. I would spend one night developing negatives and … Continue reading

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Black is Beautiful

Toronto. The early Leicas were mostly black – black enamel – and if well used had “brassing” or edges where the enamel wore through to the brass. Shown is a beautiful ¬†example of a clean 1937 Leica II (no slow … Continue reading

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Polaroid – before the cameras

Toronto. In 1948 Edwin Land began marketing the amazing “picture in a minute” camera. In the early days demand far exceeded supply making the new cameras very scarce. But what happened before the cameras? Why are they called Polaroid cameras, … Continue reading

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More Fish than Fowl – Leica IIIg

Toronto. 1956 was an exciting year for Leitz Germany and Leitz Canada, the small factory established in Midland as Ernst Leitz Canada. The company made the IIIf, IIIg, and M3 in Germany and assembled them there and in Canada. For … Continue reading

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