The Edison Projecting Kinetoscope 1897

Drive disc for lower reel on right side of shaft (left). and a Maltese Cross shown on a toy projector (right) as used by the Kinetoscope too.

The framing rod (left) on the Kinetoscope vs an improved fast lever design (right).

Gate mechanism showing minor differences between the two examples with the GEH on the right. GEH version may be newer based on the gate changes.

LEFT - No Lens, hanging hook and a handle (Beaverton).

RIGHT - Front with lens, nameplate, hook lower and no handle. Wood shows much more wear (GEH).

LEFT - 8 spoke reel being added to projector (Beaverton).

RIGHT - Continuous loop set up (Beaverton).

The images on this page were recorded from projected slides with a Nikon Coolpix 990 camera (any fuzziness is due to my shaky shots). The images were subsequently adjusted for size, colour balance and light values using Photoshop.

Bob Carter


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