Air Cameras 1915-1945 RAF and USAAF
Alfred W. Pyner

80 pages
drawings and B&W images
board covers, signature sewn
books hand bound by author
Copyright 1988, 2000

"For some time now, since retiring from over fifty years of research and industrial photography, I have been visiting museums that have devoted themselves to aviation history. As an Ex-Royal Air Force photographer my particular interest has been toward the history of aerial photography generally and the equipment used.

"Whilst books published on aviation mention the importance of aerial photography, especially the help which aerial photography gave to winning World War II, I was very disappointed to note the scarcity of displays to show this fact. Most museums had at least one camera on show, over 50 percent being incorrectly captioned or not at all. Some museums that had cameras had them distributed randomly in odd corners or kept in storage."

So begins Alf Pyner in the introduction to his book. (Very few books have been published on the specialized cameras used in air reconnaissance in the two world wars.)

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