Catching the Sun (Volume 2)
Philippe Maurice

A Catalogue of Photography Studio & Photographica
Advertisements & Notices
Published in Prairie Canada
Between 1850 and 1900
Copyright 1998
391 pages
VeloBind heavy weight pages of reproductions from newspaper archives
ISBN 0-9698052-2-5

"'Catching the Sun' is a personal research project about Canadian Prairie photographers. The catalogue [six volumes are proposed] came about following a personal need to find more information. I am amazed at the amount of material available dealing with photographers south of the border while the bulk of the Canadian publications deal with Eastern and Central Canada photographers as well as isolated, often out of print material about the West Coast.

"In this volume as in the previous we only perceive the influx of early photography into western Canada. As newspapers spread westward so generally did the photographers."

The above words are from the introduction. The book includes a list of all the "Photographers, Studios, itinerants, [and] amateurs" Philippe Maurice found during his hours spent painstakingly searching the archives of our western newspapers. This massive volume 2 brings together an incredible amount of history scattered throughout the years and newspapers. It is a invaluable aid to anyone planning to research photographic history in western Canada.

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